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950BM-10RD-10EMRkit Handicapped Access Control System With Electric Swing Door Opener & Wireless Exterior Entry Button 
950BM-10RD-10EMRkit Handicapped Access Control System With Electric Swing Door Opener & Wireless Exterior Entry Button

Price: $1,362.00

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  • Description

10RD-10EMRkit Includes a 10RD433 Digital Receiver With Integrated Vestibule Sequencing Paired With Wireless Handicapped Push Button Model 10EMR4751

Model FAAC 950 MB is Discontinued. Please see new model FAAC 950N2 as the best replacement.

Digital Receiver 433 Mhz frequency. Includes integral sequencing "learn" buttons (for vestibule applications), pulse/toggle functionality and additional hold time. The 433 MHz Series Transmitters and Receiver are ideal for the wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors. A unique rolling code is transmitted each time the transmitter is activated (thus providing a secure signal). Since receivers can be individually programmed, multiple receivers can be programmed differently thus allowing for sequencing in multiple applications. Those receivers programmed with NO DELAY will be active immediately upon receiving the transmitter signal. Those receivers programmed with a DELAY will activate at the end of their pre-determined time delay set by the potentiometer. The use of multiple receivers will allow for the uninterrupted pace or hands free operations through a pair of doors upon initial activation. The push button exit features a round slim profile with a blue Handicap logo and blue "push to open" text. The FAAC 950 BM (FAAC's Best selling Door Opener) is a silent and stylish swing door opening and closing unit that is reliable, safe, and suitable for hands-free and handicapped access. This model has a PUSHING ARTICULATING arm which is for frame mounting on outswing doors or door mounting on inswing doors. The FAAC 950 BM model is a spring-based system.

Model 10RD433 Receiver

  • Operates with a unique rolling code each time the switch is activated
  • Multiple applications (i.e. Vestibule) with Delay or No Delay programming
  • 100 transmitters can be programmed into a single receiver
  • Removal of a single transmitter code
  • Up to 4 separate wireless Receivers can be activated by a single Transmitter (i.e. 4-Button)
  • Red LED indicator on Transmitter confirms transmission and battery life
  • 12-Volt Type A23 Battery Power

Model 10EMR4751 Round Push Button Exit

  • Plate arrives fully-assemble significantly reducing installation time
  • Tamper-resistant recessed plate with beveled edges can be directly installed to any flat surface
    such as a wall or mounting post
  • Weather boot between plate and back plate for all weather applications.
  • All-active plate made of durable stainless steel

FAAC 950 BM Electric Door Opener Specifications:

  • FAAC 950BM uses a spring for closure.
  • 115VAC
  • 100 Watts of absorbed power
  • Continuous duty
  • 24VDC Motor
  • Anti-Crushing device
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Opens from 70 degrees to 95 degrees
  • Pause time adjustable between 1 and 30 seconds
  • Adjustable speed
  • Automatic or manual opening
  • Puushing action for FRAME mounting and outswing use OR DOOR mounting and INSWING use

FAAC 950 Electric Door Opener Includes:

  • Transformer
  • FAAC 950 Input / Output board
  • FAAC 950 MPS Control Board
  • Positioning encoder
  • 2 shaft extending spacers: 30mm and 60mm

10RD433 433 Mhz Digital Receiver Manual

ASE-10RD433 Manual

10EMR4751 Round Push To Open Handicapped Wireless Commercial Exit Button Manual

ASE-10EMR4751 Manual

FAAC 950 BM Electric Door Opener Manual

FACC 950BM Manual