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Gym Access Control Kit With Electric Strike, Card Access System, 100 Card, Exit Devices & Power Supply 
Manufacturer FAS
Gym Access Control Kit With Electric Strike, Card Access System, 100 Card, Exit Devices & Power Supply

Price: $1,465.00

Add Securakey ETCI-04-1 Cards No, I do not need Securakey ETCI-04-1 Cards
25 Securakey ETCI-04-1 Cards (+$118.75)
50 Securakey ETCI-04-1 Cards (+$237.50)

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Gym Access Control Kit With Electris Strike

The Gym Access Control Kit is designed and integrated to be used as a complete access control solution for a Gym facility.

You may choose the First available facility code & sequence numbers for your Securakey ETCIW26 Smart Cards. Optional battery back-up available in our accessories section at $118.50

  • 1 HS125SLD Electric Strike
  • 1 Motion Sensor
  • 1 Illuminated Exit Button (red or green depending on stock)
  • 1 Receptionist Button
  • 1 Transformer / Power Supply
  • 1 Securakey E-Access1 Proximity Card System.
  • A total of 100 Securakey Proximity Smart Cards


Electric Strike
HS125SLD Electric Strike Fail Secure
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Securakey E-ACCESS1 Access Control System Kit Features:
Securakey E ACCESS1 Access Control System For 2 Doors With Reports Capabilities. Includes everything you need for a 2 door system, just add cable and door locking devices! Includes: Securakey SK-ACP 2 door control panel, 2 ET8-RO-W-M Mullion Size Proximity Readers, SK-NET Software, 25 ETCI04 eTag Proximity Cards, PC Cable & Transformer.
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Motion Sensor:

The Bosch DS150i is specifically designed for Request-to-Exit (REX) applications. The DS150i detects motion in its coverage area and signal an access control system or door control device. Color: White.
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Securakey ETCIW26 Proximity Smart Cards:
Securakey Model ETCIW26 Wiegand 26 Proximity Smart Cards (Pack of 25) for use with Eaccess Kit With First Available facility Code & Sequence Numbers.
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Illuminated Exit Button:

Model KIT-HPB4RER Large Red Request To Exit Button or the Model KIT-HPB4RPG Large Green Request To Exit Button depending on stock
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Recepcionist Button:

Model HPBN01 Stainless Push Button Request To ExitWith Normally Open And Normally Closed Function
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Power Supply:

Transformers produce a consistent 12 Volt power supply for electronics. Cut the cord and wire directly to your locking device.
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