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Complete Wired Outdoor Self-Contained Unit Keypad Kit for Electric Strikes  - Model LINAK11-DRA 
Manufacturer FAS
Complete Wired Outdoor Self-Contained Unit Keypad Kit for Electric Strikes - Model LINAK11-DRA

Price: $241.00

Choose Your Electric Strike: No Electric Strike
HS125SLD Electric Strike Fail Secure (+$39.99)
200SLD Electric Dead Bolt (+$89.00)
Add Remotes Don't Add Extra Remotes
Add 1 Linear Mini-T Remote (+$18.00)
Add 2 Linear Mini-T Remotes (+$36.00)
Add 3 Linear Mini-T Remotes (+$54.00)
Add 4 Linear Mini-T Remotes (+$72.00)

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KIT-LINAK11-DRA - Wired Outdoor Self-Contained Unit Keypad Kit

This item is on backorder until September 30, 2020.

This wired outdoor keypad kit includes everything you need to use a wired outdoor keypad and remote to allow entry using an electric strike.

  • 1 illuminated Exit button
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 Linear Mini-T Wireless Remote
  • 1 Linear DRA Wireless Receiver
  • 1 Linear AK-11 Wired Outdoor Keypad


LINEAR MINI-T REMOTE: Linear Mini-T Miniature key ring transmitter, black case, white button, key ring supplied, test/operate LED, 256 selectable codes. More Info

LINEAR DRA RECEIVER: The Delta-3 Linear DRA 1-Channel 12-volt Receiver is a small economical unit designed for commercial gate and door access control. More Info

LINEAR AK-11 WIRED OUTDOOR KEYPAD: The Linear AK-11 is a Surface or gooseneck mount keyless entry system for outdoor applications, up to 480 entry codes, two relay outputs, two solid-state outputs, two status indicators, programmable keypad courtesy lighting, 12-24 volts AC/DC. More Info