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Laundromat Electric Strike Kit System With Battery Back-Up 
Manufacturer FAS
Laundromat Electric Strike Kit System With Battery Back-Up

Price: $337.48


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Laundromat Store Electric Strike Kit System

The Laundromat Electric Strike Kit System With Battery Back-Up is designed to be used as a access control solution for a Laundromat business.

  • 1 HS125SLD Electric Strike
  • 1 Exit Motion Sensor
  • 1 Egress / Exit Button
  • 1 On / Off Permanent Key Switch
  • 7 Day Timer
  • 1 Battery Backup Box
  • 2 Batteries
  • Switching Control Board
  • 1 Transformer 16 VAC 40 Amp

Electric Strike
HS125SLD Electric Strike Fail Secure
More Info

On / Off Permanent Key Switch: Heavy duty switch and cast stainless steel face plates provide unparalleled performance. This high visibility switch, Model PB21K provides a convenient way of powering on or off an electric locking device. Our easy to operate key switches are ideal for use in any facility with access controlled entry/exit. More Info

7 Day Timer: 12 Volt Weekly & Daily Digital Access Control Timer. This multipurpose programmable digital timer module is perfect for any time controlled application. More Info

Battery Backup System: Model 12VDC7ABUPBOX Battery Back-Up System & Enclosure For Magnetic Lock. Includes Battery (12VDC 7 Amp), Switching Board, And Transformer (16 VAC 40 Amp transformer). Workable system for 6, 12 & 24VDC! More Info

Extra Battery: Additional battery for battery back-up kits (Models 12VDC7ABUPBOX & 12VDC7ABUP using 12V / 7Ah battery.

Laundromat Store Electric Strike Kit Manuals

Digital Timer PDF Instructions