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Model CE1200LSWR Vehicular Gate Lock with 1200 lbs. Holding Force


Model CE1200LSWR is a surface mount vehicle gate lock with 1200 lbs. holding force. Includes a built in spike suppressor. CE approved! All Magnetic Locks Include Manual, Armature Plate & Mounting Hardware For Basic Applications.
Price: $113.85

GTO FM144 Bulldog Automatic Gate Lock


Model FM144 BULLDOG / GTO PRO Automatic Gate Lock For Pull To Open Applications And Locks Gate In Closed Position.
Price: $124.46

GTO FM145 Bulldog Pedestrian Gate Lock System


The GTO Bulldog FM145 pedestrian gate lock system is designed to mount on horizontal swing "walk through" wood, chain link, and metal pedestrian gates opening in or out. Ideal for securing pools, condos, schools and any pedestrian gate.
Price: $235.09

GTO FM345 Security Pin Lock


GTO FM345 pin lock is a substitute for the clevis pin at the front mounting point of the GTO/PRO DC series swing gate operators and the chains of the DC slide gate operators to hinder theft. Pin Locks are also available with matching keys for multiple gate operators. (FM345KA)
Price: $19.55

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